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caterpillar stage

day one - 6 hours 

The nature of the caterpillar is to become a butterfly, and although it defoliates one gallon of milkweed in a day (200 leaves), it is still meant to transform. Us humans are good at the consumption part, so the quest is -- what, why and how are we consuming with life. In order to understand this, we need to look within and observe our own way of thinking. We believe it is in our nature to live a happy, loving life in harmony with people, planet and self. 


In this phase, we will be bravely honest about self, learn the latest in neuroscience and the power of compassion.

This is the phase for honesty and understanding.


chrysalis stage

day two - 6 hours  


butterfly stage

day 3 - 4 hours

The chrysalis (cocoon) stage is such a stunning, mind blowing time. Within the chrysalis, the old body parts of the caterpillar are undergoing a remarkable transformation, creating the incredible journey of metamorphosis through a cell process called imaginal cells. While operating as a single-cell organism – the immune system of the caterpillar identifies these cells to be a threat and even starts to attack -- yet they persevere; multiplying and connecting. 


This is a time to regenerate, revive, reflect on what truly makes us feel connected, loved, and passionate about our purpose in the world. Then the process of impressioning a new mindset takes place.


This phase is the imagination phase, where you will dare to dream and learn how to live in a new way.

While the imaginal cells multiply and connect, another fascinating fact is that these cells start to resonate with the same frequency, and communicate in the same language. These cells pass information backwards and forwards until there is a tipping point – when they stop acting as individual, separate cells they instead, become a multiple-celled organism: a butterfly!

In this phase, we will explore the art of allowing through natures lens while still manifesting our desired outcomes, tools on how to manage stress and resistance to the new mindset. We will play in the magical world of relationships and the gift of interconnection with people and the environment around us.


We will spread our wings and celebrate by taking action right then and there. We have a team of extraordinary people to help you build momentum so when it is time to go back home, you have the next actionable steps to take.

rewild three day program

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